Fast. Easy. Beautiful. Attribution reporting.

Demonstrate the impact of your marketing.

AgencyREPORTER makes it easy to track results for your clients. Easily get access to customer CRMs and report on Won Deals. Go beyond Google Analytics data and get true user journeys tied to phone calls, form fills, and more. Show your clients which leads were brought in from your Google Ad campaigns, SEO work, and Facebook ads.

  • Branded Dashboards
  • Automated scheduled KPI reporting

Fast. Easy. Beautiful.
Attribution Reporting.

AgencyREPORTER is quick to deploy for new clients and clearly shows the marketing impact your agency delivers

AgencyREPORTER data flow diagram

Unlimited  Dashboards

Build white label dashboards for your clients with your branding front and center and schedule and email clients KPI reports on a regular basis. They’ll know their marketing is working because it’ll be in their inbox.

Fast to Deploy

Getting tracking consistency with all your clients can be hard. AgencyREPORTER makes it easy to track phone calls from a website via DNI, and spin up new phone numbers for one-off campaigns.

Revenue Attribution

Connect the dots between marketing and sales. Connect to the client CRM and easily pull the sales data that is important to you and demonstrates your value to your clients.

Track Phone Calls

Getting tracking consistency with all your clients can be hard.  AgencyREPORTER makes it easy to track phone calls from a website via DNI, and spin up new phone numbers for one-off campaigns.

Get the right KPIs in front of your clients

AgencyREPORTER integrates with Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Google Search console, Google Analytics and more! Show your clients the campaign and keywords that brought them in. Use Google Analytics widgets in your AgencyREPORTER dashboards or scheduled emails to simplify reporting and cut down on some of the copy-pasting in your life. 

  • Unlimited custom dashboards
  • Unlimited user logins
  • Rapid deployment of dashboards across client accounts

Connect to the Client CRM to track
Revenue and Funnel Attribution

AgencyREPORTER connects easily to all major CRMs to bridge the reporting gap between marketing and sales. Now agencies can access the data to demonstrate value instantly to clients with reports that pull information from the CRM such as Won Deals and Revenue Attribution.


Save time with branded automated email reports

Still wasting time copying and pasting data from different spreadsheets to make monthly reports? Marketers and marketing agencies can automatically send weekly, monthly, and other automated reports. AgencyREPORTER pulls the data for you making it easy to drag and drop the reporting widgets you need into customized reports. Send KPIs directly to clients using your brand or send them to an account manager to be communicated to the client. Less manual effort means fewer embarrassing mistakes.


Track and report on phone calls

AgencyREPORTER makes it easy to track phone call performance, see what marketing channels are driving phone calls, leads, and sales. Track phone calls from a website via DNI. See where your business is losing revenue from missed phone calls with easy-to-use widgets. Get valuable insight on what marketing makes the phone ring with scheduled email reports.

Build Lead Stories

AgencyREPORTER  shows individual buyer journeys, from first touch to last touch, through to purchase. That makes it easy to build data-driven user journeys or tell your client about how individual clients came in.


Affordably scale across accounts

ActiveDEMAND Agency Reporter is affordable enough to use with all your clients and you can white label it to your brand.


Priced for Agency Growth


per month

That is right! for only $20/month, you can be demonstrating the true impact of your marketing effort.

  • Unlimited user accounts
  • Unlimited dashboards
  • Unlimited automated reports
  • Unlimited growth potential

Start Demonstrating Value

Give your team access to the tracking, dashboards, and reports they need all in one place. Save time! No more jumping between platforms, endless spreadsheets, and error-prone copy and paste.

With AgencyREPORTER:

  • Connect easily to your CRM
  • Track and report on your phone calls
  • Save time with automated email reports
  • Get data from popular ad platforms
  • White-labeled to your brand
  • Affordable for all your clients

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